My first experience teaching English: Part 0

I’m taking a bit of a break from writing about translation to write about something I’m very excited to be doing: teaching! I’ve gotten a job at a summer school teaching English to middle and high school students that need some extra guidance. I’ve been a private tutor in English (among other subjects) for over five years now, but I’ve never taught in front of a classroom, and I’m stoked to finally have the chance (even if it’s only a class of seven students)!

The company I work for has arranged a nice AirBnB for me near the school I’ll be teaching at, and there’s some Eastern-style artwork on the walls, it’s like they knew someone with a degree in Japanese Studies was going to stay here! There’s a beautiful park nearby as well, and I’m listening to a frog serenade as I’m writing this.

There’s not much to write about now, but I’ll be writing updates occasionally during the four days I’ll be teaching at this particular school. I start tomorrow morning, and I have to prepare an introduction to give to the students, but I’m not quite sure what to say yet. I’m sure I’ll figure that out!

I’m hoping to share the first update on Tuesday, so check back then!

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