During my time as a private tutor for English, I have developed some of my own games and materials for teaching and learning English. I will place these here with links for anyone interested to get the physical version, as well as empty card templates for you to fill in and print them yourself. I get a small percentage from each sale made via these links.


4erbs is a game I designed to help with learning irregular verbs. Anyone learning English as a native or non-native language knows how annoying and boring it is to memorize the irregular verbs. I know I hated it in school. So, I’ve designed a game to learn the irregular verbs in a fun way. It’s similar to the game Go Fish, but instead of gathering four of the same cards, players have to gather the four forms of the irregular verbs (infinitive, past simple, past participle, gerund). This game ends once a player has no more cards in hand, but you can also play using the traditional Go Fish rules.
A game of Concentration, where students have to reveal two verb forms belonging to the same verb from a table of face-down cards is also possible with this game.
You can get a basic version with thirteen of the most common irregular verbs here (more versions will come soon) or fill in the contact form to request the digital templates for you to print yourself!

I will add more materials here eventually.