New Domain and Languages!

I’ve recently upgraded my blog to an actual hosting service, which includes a new domain! You can now find my blog on! With this upgrade, I’ve been making some changes to the blog, including multi-language support! Hover over the flag in the menu (at the top of the page), and you can choose which language to view the blog in!

Right now, only English and Dutch are available and not all pages and posts are translated yet. However, I’ll be working on that bit by bit over the next couple of months! Having a blog in multiple languages has so many benefits over just having one language. First of all, it makes perfect sense for a blog about translation to be available in multiple languages. Secondly, it makes the blog accessible to people who might not speak English well or at all. The final benefit I’ll name is that it keeps me actively involved with the languages I speak, as I’ll be translating the site myself!

I’m incredibly excited about these changes, and this brings me one step closer to building this blog to where I want it to be! Thank you for reading, and until next time!